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Designing Custom Military Coins

From the Roman Empire which started the issuance of coins as compensation for the heroic exploits of soldiers in battles, to American soldiers who used coins as a way to identify themselves, their comrades, and their units during WWI,the military challenge coin hasgone a long way as part of the many rich traditions.

From their original purpose of providing unit identification, custom military coins have been used in other noble and far-reaching ways. Nowadays, military coins are issuedto reward great deeds, mark special milestones, andraise money for worthy projects.

custommilitarycoinsMany military events are punctuated by the awarding of custom military coins to deserving enlisted members. While coin passing is almost always a happy and proud moment greeted with the surprised and happy faces of recipients, military coins are also used in heart-rending occasions such as honoringfallen soldiers.

As military coins promote universal values like fraternityand teamsmanship, the practice has inevitably expanded to non-military organizations such as sports, firefighting, and the education sector.

Many soldiers and civilians consider collecting military coins as a means to show their patriotism. Some service members proudly display their collection of a hundred or more military challenge coins gained during their years of service, trading with comrades, and buying during fundraising events.

As the military coin gained prominence and popularity in military and civilian organizations, the manufacturing technology that producesmilitary coins has kept up with the high demand for customization. Modern military coins now come in a great range of design and specifications which is limited only by the imagination and in some instances, by budget.

How do you design a unique military coin that will truly depict the ideals and principles espoused by your unit? In designing a military coin, there are important details to consider in making itreally special.

1. Symbol

A military coin must showcase the insignia of the issuing military branch, unit,or officer. Custom coinscan depict more than one emblem on either side.

2. Size and shape

Every unit has a vision for every custom coin it issues and the size and shape can be designed to reflect its uses. Besides the conventional round shape, custom military coins may take the shape of ovals, shields, cross bones and virtually any shape you can think of.Military coins may likewise be designed as a bottle opener. If it’s a challenge coin, it must be sturdy enough as it would get slammed during a coin check.

3. Make and Finish

Custom military coins showcase the organization or branch and may be made using a range of metal styles such as polished gold metal, silver, brass, copper, and black nickel. Other popular options include antiquated versions of these metals. It’s even possible to create a duo-tone effect.

Sequential numbering, 3D designs, engraved texts showing the name of the awardees and relevant words or quotations, custom shapes and cut-outs all add up to create truly special coins befitting the unit, the occasion, and the individual receiving recognition.

4. Edging

Military coins may be customized using a variety of diamond-cut edging designs such as rope cut edge, wave cut edge, cross cut edge, and oblique cut edge. The edge adds to the design as well as serves as something to hold on to when the coin is given during a secret handshake.

5. Accessories

Key chains, lanyards, pouches, coin capsules,and velvet boxes can add a personal touch to military coins.
Powerful and creative designs make custom military coins more valuable and specialto the people who receive them. Time and effort are usually needed to come up with a truly distinctive coin design.

Mists that Blow the Heat Away

Finding a way to beat the summer heat? Does your electricity bill shoot upthe roof? There’s only one solution to your problem –a misting fan!Misting fans utilize evaporative cooling technology. This innovation is designed to provide luxurious cooling relief during hot weather without the luxurious price. Maybe you don’t notice them butmisters have actually started to become the new trend. You actually see them everywhere whether it is inside a restaurant, a private function, an outdoor party, or even inside offices.

fanThe main reason why misting fans have become ubiquitous is due to its cost effectiveness. Simply put, you get more than what you paid for. Air conditioning units can be quite expensive. And it doesn’t end there. Air conditioning units actually consume a lot of electricity. Add maintenance and repair expenses to the list and you will be surprised just how much you are spending for your air conditioning unit every year. Just like your air conditioner, misting fans can also reduce the temperature of the surrounding although it does so at a lower price! Some of these units can cool an entire 600 square foot area at a price of just 20 cents per hour. Definitely far from the cost of traditional air conditioning units.

Another advantage is that it is less likely to require repair. One important factor in selecting an air conditioning unit is the horsepower. The capacity of which has to be enough to provide cooling effect to a limited area only. For instance, if you put a single 1.0- horsepower air conditioning unit in a room about 30 square meters in area, it wouldn’t be able to provide sufficient cooling effect. There is also a high tendency for the unit to malfunction due to prolonged straining. This is not the case with misting fans.

For instance, placing Auramist fans in an area larger than its capacity would not strain the machine. Although the large area would limit the cooling effect of Auramist fan, there are less chances for it to malfunction as compared to a standard air conditioning unit. For larger areas or venues, it would be most ideal to place an industrial type of misting fan. Placing multiple large industrial fans would be more cost effective as it is typically capable of cooling a 50,000 square foot area for just 80 cents an hour.

mist fanAuramist fans can be used for a variety of reasons. Whether it is for commercial, residential, or industrial, an appropriate model is available to suit your needs. For instance, there are weather resistant misting fans that are ideal for outdoor use. This is perfect for parties, sports activities, open air concerts, and other outdoor events. On the other hand, there are also self-contained units. These units are portable and very convenient to transfer. So the next time you go on a picnic, make sure to bring a self-contained misting fan to battle the heat!

If you have just purchased a regular fan, you don’t have to replace the whole unit with a misting fan. Another option would be to purchase a fan misting kit. This enables you to transform your regular fan to a misting fan. A misting kit works like an accessory; most of which are compatible with regular outdoor fans. You simply have to connect your fan to a water source via a hose and there you have your mist!